Custom Apps
To submit a Custom app:

  1. Navigate to the Freshteam Developer website and click Log in. If you are signed out of your Freshteam account, the login page is displayed.

  2. In the login page, enter the Freshteam account credentials and click SIGN IN.

  3. Click +Add New App. The Add New App window is displayed.

  4. Click Custom App. The Custom App window is displayed.

  5. Click Upload app file, select the packed app file, and click Open. The My New App page is displayed.

  6. Under the App Details tab, provide appropriate information by using the following fields.

    For Product
    Select freshteam.
    App Name
    Enter a name for the app, comprising two to three words.
    Enter an introduction to the app, not exceeding 100 characters.
    Enter a description of the app’s functionality and features.
    Instructions When the app is installed, if specific user actions are required, enter the instructions as a sequential list.
    App Icon
    Upload an icon to represent the app. Ensure that the logo meets the following requirements.
    • Image format is PNG.
    • Logo background is transparent.
    • Aspect ratio is 1:1.
    • Minimum resolution is 400 x 400 pixels.
    Upload screenshots to illustrate how the app works. Capture different states and process flows to give users a better insight into the app. You can upload a maximum of five screenshots. Ensure that the screenshots meet the following requirements.
    • Image format is PNG.
    • Minimum resolution is 1350 x 850 pixels.
    App Category
    Select the appropriate category to help users filter and find the app. You can select a maximum of two categories.
    App Specification/Demo Video
    Enter the URL to the app’s specification document or demo video.
    Support Email
    Enter the email address that users can use to contact you in case of any queries regarding the app.
    Support URL
    Enter the URL to any location where users can find more information about the app.
    Alternate Email
    Enter the email address that Freshworks can use to contact you.

  7. To replace the uploaded app file, in the Development Version widget, click Replace File, select a new packed app file, and click Open.

  8. To submit the app, click Publish.

Custom apps are not subject to the review process and are available within five minutes of app submission. If you update the app and republish it, the changes are deployed within five minutes of app submission.