Types of Apps

Note: Before submitting an app in the Freshteam Developer portal, ensure to sign up for a Freshteam account.

Apps are classified into the following types:

  • Freshteam App: These apps extend the functionalities of the Freshteam User portal and are built using the Freshworks CLI. The Freshteam apps can be installed from the Freshworks Marketplace. For information on how to submit a Freshteam app, see Freshteam Apps.

  • Custom App: These apps address specific customer requirements and are available only to that customer. The custom apps are not subject to review and are available for installation as soon as they are submitted. For information on how to submit a Custom app, see Custom Apps.

  • External App: These apps use the Freshteam methods and integrate the Freshteam functionalities with a third-party product. They are listed in Marketplace, but are installed from the third-party product. For information on how to submit an External app, see External Apps.